RED & WHITE #1 (ORIGINAL), RED & WHITE #2 (POPULAR), GOVERNOR AIKEN streamer pattern(s)submitted by Bob Skehan - Little Bucktails for Brookies

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Submitted By Bob Skehan

HOOK Mustad 3665A Size 12
THREAD black
BODY Flat silver mylar
RIB fine oval silver tinsel
WING Small equal bunches of white, then red, then white bucktail.
HOOK Mustad 3665A Size 12
BODY Flat silver mylar
RIB fine oval silver tinsel
WING Small bunch of white bucktail, over which is an equal bunch of red bucktail, over which are 4-5 strands of peacock herl.
HOOK Mustad 9575 #10
THREAD black
TAIL White-Barred wood duck flank
BODY Flat silver mylar
RIB fine oval silver tinsel
THROAT White bucktail to hook bend, then a narrow strip of red duck quill 1/2 body length
WING Lavender bucktail, over which are 3-4 strands of peacock herl.
CHEEKS Jungle Cock (optional)


Red And White
The two variations of the Red and White bucktail presented here show the original dressing which is pretty much a Mickey Finn with white bucktail substitued for the yellow, and the modern popular version which has the top layer of white bucktail replaced by peacock herl. I have to confess I haven't fished the original version at all since I'm generally a certifiable "peacock herl topping" junkie. Both patterns adapt well to all hook sizes, including tandem rigs for trolling. It's a very effective pattern all year long, but particularly in spring just after ice-out on Maine's lakes and ponds. I substituted calftail for the bucktail in this small version. Many times a white eye with black pupil is painted on the head of this pattern.

Governor Aiken:
This pattern, named to honor former Governor George D. Aiken of Vermont, is very similar to the Magog Smelt pattern, this bucktail is a must have for landlocked salmon fishing in my opinion. Some folks substitute a mallard flank shoulder for the jungle cock cheeks, particularly in larger trolling sizes...(making it even more like the Magog)...though I don't tie this pattern with either of them. Like the Red and White, it adapts nicely to all hook sizes and is a very popular trolling pattern tied in tandem. I used calftail in this particular sample as it was better suited to the size 10 hook. Note the peacock herl topping...see my comments above regarding my herl addiction. A peek into my streamer box would see this pattern sporting eyes painted white with black pupils.

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