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Submitted By Greg Azarnia

HOOK Mustad 9672 Streamer Hook Size 6
TAIL Copper Crystal Flash
BODY Lagartun Tinsel overwrapped by medium Copper Wire
WING Amber Zelon then Copper Crystal Flash on top
HEAD Small Copper wire wrapped 50% then thread head.

Greg's Tying Instructions

1) Place thread on shank in the middle, not the bend.

2) Measure about ten fibers of copper crystal flash to the length of about 1 1/2 hook shank's length.

3) Tie in behind the eye and secure down through out the entire length of the shank to form body.

4) Behind the eye again tie in a piece of medium copper wire and wrap down the entire shank till the end near the tail.

5) (Repeat process above for the tinsel) Tie in tinsel.

6) Wrap the tinsel forward in even turns to about one hook eye distance away from the eye of the hook and secure.

7) Bring the medium copper wire forward and wrap in even spaces to form ribbed body. Tie off same place as the copper tinsel.

8) Even out head area and tie down a piece of the Zelon, ( It's length should be measured about the same as one hook shank length or less)

9) Select about 15 pieces of Copper Crystal Flash for the over wing and measure it a little longer than the length of the hook shank. Tie in over the amber Zelon.

10) Even out head area with thread again and attach a 5 inch-6 inch piece of small copper wire in the middle.

11) Starting out in the back of the head area, wrap the copper around the head area till 50% of the head has been covered. Tie down and even out the rest of the head with thread taking out any bumps. Whip finish,

12) Cement the body to prevent tarnishing and the head twice. You are done.....

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