OLIVE GRIZZLY MATUKA streamer pattern(s)submitted by Bob Petti - Matuka Streamer Swap

Submitted By Bob Petti
HOOK TMC 7999, #2
THREAD Danville 6/0, Light Olive
BODY Gold Diamond Braid
RIB Fine Oval Gold Tinsel
WING Two Olive Grizzly Rooster Body Feathers
THROAT Red Hackle Barbs
COLLAR Olive Grizzly Rooster Body Feather

1. Start the thread behind the eye of the hook and wind toward the bend, building a foundation layer of thread.

2. Build an "underbody shape" by tying in sections of diamondbraid in progressively longer lengths beneath the hook shank. We want to form a slight belly shape to the fly.

3. Tie in the ribbing material at the rear of the fly on the far underside of the hook.

4. Tie in a longer length of diamond braid on the bottom of the hook shank just behind the eye and wrap your thread toward the bend, trapping the material as you go.

5. Wind the diamond braid forward over the underbody, completing the gold body.

6. Select a pair of matched rooster body feathers such that that useable portion of the feather is about twice the length of the fly's body. Strip off the fluff from the base of the hackles and strip of the fibers from the "bottom" portions of the hackles, so that nothing but bare stem rests against the body when the ribbing tinsel is wound forward.

7. Tie the butts of the hackles securely at the head of the fly and stretch the hackle over the body material tightly.

8. Using a bodkin, part the hackles at a point directly above the end of the body where the first turn of ribbing will be made.

9. While holding the hackles, make a single turn of ribbing to secure the hackles in place, maintaining a vertical orientation in relation to the hook.

10. Continue winding the ribbing forward, parting the hackles as you go with the point of your bodkin. Tie off at the head.

11. Strip a good chunk of red hackle barbs from a soft hackle and tie in a false beard.

12. Tie another grizzly feather by the tip and wind a soft hackle style collar, folding the hackle as you wind.

13. Wrap a neat head and whip finish.

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