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Rangeley Swap Title Graphic
Pete Williams, The Raven
Submitted By Chris Del Plato

Pete Williams Image The Raven Image
Pete Williams The Raven
(Originated By Mike Martinek) (Originated By Chris Del Plato)
  • Hook: Mike Martinek 8xl (original - Willis 6xl)
  • Thread: Black
  • Body: Flat Copper Mylar
  • Rib: Doubled Copper Wire (original - oval silver tinsel)
  • Belly: Yellow Bucktail, Red-Orange Bucktail, White Bucktail (top to bottom)
  • Underwing: 6 Peacock Herls with a long Golden Pheasant Crest over top
  • Wing: Four Claret Saddle Hackles
  • Throat: Red-Orange Schlappen
  • Shoulder: Mallard
  • Cheeks: Jungle Cock
  • Hook: Martinek Rangeley 8xl
  • Thread: Black Uni 8/0
  • Body: Purple Uni-Stretch
  • Rib/Tag: Silver Mylar Tinsel, size 14
  • Belly: Purple Bucktail with a small percentage of Red mixed in.
  • Underwing: Five Peacock Herls tied on top of hook shank, over which is a single Golden Pheasant Crest.
  • Throat: A short Silver Pheasant Crest feather extending half the belly length, in front of which is several tufts of Red Schlappen.
  • Wing: Four Black Saddle Hackles (or Natural Black Neck Hackles)
  • Shoulder: A sparse red/orange side body feather from a Golden Pheasant, over which is an iridescent black, spade/heart shaped Golden Pheasant wing feather.
  • Cheeks: Jungle Cock

Comments on Pete Williams:

After receiving a copy of Mike Martinek's "Streamer Fly Patterns for Trolling and Casting - Vol. II", this fly immediately caught my eye. The combination of the claret wings, copper body and mallard shoulders just jumped off the page, screaming "tie me!" In the initial copies of the book, the rib material was omitted from the pattern recipe. Mike initially remembered it as being doubled copper wire (which is how it appears on my fly), though later he corrected himself stating it was silver oval tinsel. The fly is named after a late fishing, tying and climbing friend of Mike. I first fished this streamer on the Connetquot River, where it performed as good as it looks. Claret is a color that appears in many of the older patterns, but seems to be seldom used today. Perhaps our fly fishing forefathers knew something we don't. I think this streamer, as well as a few more claret patterns, will find a place in my fly box.

Comments on The Raven:

I've always liked the writings of Edgar Allen Poe, and with another Halloween season upon us, I thought a streamer representing one of his works would be a good seasonal addition to the 'Rangeley Swap'. After thumbing through my unabridged E.A.P. book and re-reading the classic words "Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary..." , I settled on "The Raven".

I did almost name the fly 'Nevermore', though using a preponderance of feathers in its construction dictated my calling it "The Raven". Obviously, the fly would need to have a dark and ominous look befitting its namesake. The components of the fly were taken from different parts of the poem. "And the silken sad uncertain rustling of each purple curtain" is where the purple floss body came from. "Then this ebony bird beguiling ." and "Leave no black plume as a token of that lie thy soul hath spoken!" gave the fly it's dark black wing hackle, shoulder and rear-throat. I added a touch of color (purple & red bucktail) for the belly, front-throat and the red/orange golden pheasant body feather behind the shoulder for a gill effect. The other components (silver rib/tag, peacock herl & golden pheasant crest underwing, jungle cock eye) were a nod toward the traditional Rangeley dressings.

"The Raven" was tied in the usual Carrie Stevens fashion and using some of Mike Martinek's techniques, which I feel give the wing/shoulder assemblies more structure and support. Please bear in mind that as of this writing the pattern is yet unproven as a 'fishing fly'. I'll put it through its paces on the stream this spring. I hope you enjoy looking at it, and even tying it - if you dare! " Quoth the Raven, 'Nevermore' ! "

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