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Grizzly Prince
Submitted By Lindsey Grandison

Grizzly Prince Image
Grizzly Prince
  • Head: Black
  • Hook Sizes: All sizes, 4X long
  • Tail: Orange hackle fibers
  • Body: Flat silver tinsel
  • Throat: A small bunch of white bucktail extending slightly beyond the bend of the hook. Under this a very small bunch of orange hackle fibers.
  • Wing: Four white saddle hackles. These are flanked on each side by a pair grizzly hackles with all the hackle fibers on the bottom half of the hackle stripped from the stem. These should be tied in as to cover the top half of the white saddle hackles, allowing the bottom half of the white saddle hackles to show.
  • Shoulders: Wood duck flank, 1/3 wing length.
  • Cheeks: Jungle Cock.

Lindsey's Comments:

This fly pattern was originated by Austin S. Hogan, the founding director of the American Museum of flyfishing in Manchester, New Hampshire. He was noted for his use of color and the blending together of colors. As exemplified in this fly he also employed hackles which had the bottom half removed. Such an approach emphasizes the whiteness of the belly.

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