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Footer Special, Hornberg Streamer
Submitted By Bob Petti

Footer Special Image Hornberg Streamer Image
Footer Special Hornberg Streamer
  • Thread: Black
  • Hook: Martinek, #2
  • Body: Flat Gold Mylar Tinsel
  • Belly: Blue Bucktail and Peacock Herl
  • Inside Wing: Red topped with Yellow Bucktail
  • Wing: Yellow Saddle Hackles
  • Shoulders: Guinea
  • Thread: Black
  • Hook: Mustad 94720
  • Body: Flat Silver Mylar Tinsel
  • Inside Wing: Yellow Kid Goat
  • Wing: Grizzly Saddle
  • Shoulder: Pintail (original was mallard)
  • Cheeks: Barred Woodduck
  • Collar: Grizzly Hen

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