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Submitted By Richard Frank

HOOK #6 Daiichi 2220
THREAD Underbody - 8/0 yellow, Head - 8/0 olive
TAIL Peacock Sword
BODY Sparkle Lace (tan)
RIB Silver tinsel
THROAT Hackle fibers (orange)
WING Materials as follows:
Bottom layer: Axxel (rainbow)
2nd layer: bucktail (pink)
3rd layer: bucktail (pale blue)
4th layer: antron (green)
5th layer: Polarflash (light blue)
6th layer: Axxel (rainbow)

Richard Frank's Comments On This Pattern

This fly got its name before it was born, and the name, DYC-Turbo, drove the style of the completed fly. At least that's the way it seemed to me. I felt that any fly containing the word Turbo just needed to be "juiced". So the basic idea is to take a traditional and simple bucktail design and "juice it". Mix traditional natural materials and flashy new synthetics and layer them into something juiced and juicy.

The pattern is not difficult, but the layering takes a little time and there are a few details that help keep the elements in balance and make tying easier. Here they are:

  • Use 8/0 thread for this pattern, especially for the wing layers and head. 6/0 thread is too bulky.
  • Stretch the Sparkle Lace until it is at least half its original diameter before you use it. Trim the end to a thin bevel where you tie it in at the rear and then wrap it with a little space between the turns to leave a natural grove for the tinsel to fall into. This also gives the body more visual depth.
  • Tie the Axxel thread in for the bottom layer with the same amount of material pointing forward over the eye. This material can be folded back to form the top layer of the wing. Obviously this is a herl substitute, and some other synthetic - or herl - could be used in its place.
  • Tie the pink and blue bucktail in together. The bucktail works well in these lower layers because it is stiff and it flares out to the side making a solid base for the synthetics above.
  • Leave all upper layers about an inch longer than needed and shape the wing after the head has been finished. Use a bodkin to divide the antron and Axxel fibers.
That's about it. Now we just need to find out if it really is juicy!

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