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Equipment and Materials for Dyeing
by John Davies

Equipment and Materials suggested for Dyeing Fly Tying Materials:

  1. Apron - to protect clothes from dye splashes.
  2. Teaspoon or spatula - for measuring out dye powder.
  3. Malt vinegar or acetic acid - dye fixative.
  4. measure - for 10ml of vinegar i.e. a tablespoon.
  5. Measuring jug - for one litre or one pint of water.
  6. Stainless steel saucepan - with matching sieve. (Enamel or metal are OK)
  7. Tongs - or long tweezers.
  8. Small sieve - for small items.
  9. Slotted spoon - for bulk dying several items.
  10. Venpol - or Lux Flakes.
  11. Veniard de-greaser - for heavily soiled items.
  12. LARGE supply of newspapers.
  13. Thermometer - Suitable for purpose, reading up to 100 degrees Centigrade
Martin Joergensen adds:

Consider the risc that everything that comes in contact with the very strong dye can take the color permanently - wooden and plastic objects, saucepans and kettels covered with residues of calcium from the water, all kinds of fabrics - including clothes - and not least skin. Use plastic gloves if you want to be shure not to have your fingers dyed.

Graham Ward also adds:

A further item of equipment which I regard as essential is a pair of rubber gloves. In particular to protect the hands from accidental spills of dye powder. If it's on the gloves it can be washed off without any problem under the tap. If it is on the skin perspiration/damp activates it immeadiately with colourful results and it is difficult to remove because it is concentrated.

I have never needed Venpol or Veniard de-greaser. I soak all materials to be dyed in a mixture of warm water and washing up liquid. The same amount as for normal washing of dishes. After soaking rinse in cold water. Be very careful if you dye materials in the kitchen. You are using a permanent dye and if you are not careful parts of your kitchen can end up the same colour.

Dyeing   Intro   Equipment   Step-by-step   Microwave   Fabric dye   Collecting

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