Materials Used; Hook, Heavy Weight Grub size 12 Thread, Uni-8/0 Dark Brown Bead, 2.5mm Gold...
This fly is the standard version of the multi purpose streamer, the Clouser Minnow.
Autumn fly fishing in north west Slovenia
If you like Fly Fishing......well this is for you.
Hammer Creek Fly Fishing ties a Sparkle Wing Trico
Something about salmon fishing...
GoPro's greatest weakness is their ability to capture footage in low light. I gave it a shot...
A collection of Fly Fishing moments during the Blue Wing Olive Hatch in Western Montana.
Hook: 2xl Nymph Thread: Brown Tail: Mallard flank (dyed Woodduck) Rib: Gold Wire Gills: Emu/Ostrich...
Here is one of my favorite wintertime streamers, the Grey Ghost.
4 friends fished the lovely Rastoatna river in north Sweden mid-July 2013
Hammer Creek Fly Fishing ties Kaufmann's Stone