Teaser of a documentary tv project, filmed in France in 2013
Hook = Grub size 10 or 12
Hook: Kinked Poppper #4 Popper Head: Rainy's Cylinder Foam Thread: Red Tail: 4 Yellow Hackles each...
Derek Olthuis tells his fly-fishing story http://instagram....
Very successful pattern
Bonefish Puff Fly Tying Video Instructions
Hook: Scud #12-#18 Thread: Brown Rib: Olive Stretch Cord Body: Olive Antron Wing: Mallard Flank...
Em River by Ems Estate, Sweden
The third installment of the movie, "Angler's Paradise" looking for the world's...
Another successful pattern for grayling.
Great pattern for competitions
My favourite Pattern for River & Large water