Bull trout fishing in northern US
Montana Matt - Montana Fly Girl -
The Vanilla Bugger is a very popular streamer originated on the North Platte River in Wyoming by...
The Humpy is a classic dry fly pattern. Learn to tie the Humpy with the a modern addition - a foam...
Loop Akademi Fly Dresser Stuart Foxall demonstrates how to tie his Curry's Red Shrimp.
Autumn is just around the corner and the sea trout are one the move
Materials Used; Hook Size 18s to 10s Thread, Uni-8/0 Dark Brown Tail, Coastal Deer Hair Body,...
Pre-rigging egg flies with leader setup.
Tying the "Reel Egg" fly. The most realistic and easy to tie egg pattern
Tying the Fat Albert Dry Fly Material list Hook: MFC #7026 Size 8 2XL heavy Thread: 6/0 Dark Brown...
CLICK & BUY The Materials Used In The Video:
CLICK & BUY The Materials Used In The Video: