Fly Fishing Fremont Canyon North Platte River

Fly Fishing for Gigantic Rainbow Trout in Fremont Canyon, Wyoming. The North Platte River in Wyoming is one of the best places to catch monster rainbow trout. Thick shouldered and beefy rainbows gorge themselves on scuds and leeches in Fremont Canyon.
In The Riffle
Martin Joergensen
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User comments
From: josh stevens · josh.stevens2233·at·  Link
Submitted June 19th 2013

good god. I knew fremont had pigs ive pulled some 5 pounders out of there but nothing like that. nice work and tight lines guys!

From: Dave - Full name and email anonymized  Link
Submitted February 2nd 2013

Yea wow guys they were really smacking those should have just used your camera net

From: Rob - Full name and email anonymized  Link