Fly Tying Videos

Tying a Sparse CDC Dun with Davie McPhail.
Tying a Mini Candy Cat Boobie with Davie McPhail.
Tying Lee Wulff's Surface Stone Fly (Variant) by Davie McPhail.
Tying a Small Jig Head Pheasant Tail By Davie McPhail.
A simple version of Sunray shadow
The sundance is for sunny days and clear water.
A simple fly for pike. Tuned up with some new stuff.
Tying the Willie Gunn on Pro tubes
Here is a new sculpin pattern utilizing the New Sculpin Helmet Fish Skull and Articulated Shank...
Hitch fly - tied on tube: The easy way of getting a salmon or steelhead fly to the top. Here...
Tying the Palomino Midge(Shuttlecock) with Davie McPhail.
Fly Tying with Hans - Bottom Bouncer Caddis. This video features another variation on the Czech...