One of my go to big bone flies. Materials Cream Sculpin Wool Pink Flash Silly legs Foxy Brush...
Ryan Gabert from Dakota Angler & Outfitter ties his Purple UV CDC Nymph
Salmon fishing in Stordal Norway. And got a 5.6 kilo salmon at Gjøssvoll
I really love US-opossum as a wing material for my Steelhead flies. I just had to design a new fly...
In this video I give a detailed description of how I like to tie the very popular "Zug Bug...
Tying The Jassid Fly Flies'n'Fishes
My own creation... This is a great dry fly that gave me a lot of trouts and graylings this summer...
Instructions on how to tie a "Birds Nest" fly pattern.
Just some crazy bream action in Oman with Colorado anglers Mark and Naomi
Dirty Hippy Streamer Fly Tying Video - Charlie Craven
Fly Tying for Beginners: a Basic Black Beadhead with Jim Misiura. A basic mayfly nymph.
Fly fishing tube flies used in Catskill's rivers, streams and lakes.