Inner city carp on the fly - Pursuing carp in the inner city on a fly! Big fish in clear (but probably not clean) water. - fly fishing video channel - Global FlyFisher

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Inner city carp on the fly

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User comments
From: Tom Gibbons · h-s322·at·  Link
Submitted November 18th 2010

definitely inspirational. I've caught them on cornmeal mixed with a sweetener at night in the Delaware, they just refuse to give up. On a casting rig. starting to get a compulsion to go for em with the flyrodmaybe in the spring. if I do I'll film it and load it here. great vid,thanks,tom.

From: Korrie Broos · korrie·at·  Link
Submitted March 29th 2010

The analogy with the trains in the video clip is very fitting.

Hooking into a fit carp, is similar to hooking in a train.

Catching carp on fly can be very frustrating, as they are very spooking, but extremely satisfying.