Videos by Aaron Adams

Bonefish SUP

A low key video from a recent bonefish fishing trip. We tested out inflatable stand up paddleboards for the first time and they were fantastic. Thanks to Bote Boards for providing the SUPs.

Bastard Crab

I call this fly the Bastard Crab because it is my bastardization of a great pattern I picked up from Greg Vincent, who runs H2O Bonefishing on Grand Bahama Island. Greg is a fantastic fly tyer, and ties some productive and great looking flies. I used one of his crab patterns on a trip there in June 2008, and came home and tied my version from memory, with a little bit of a pesonal twist - not as nice a fly as Greg's, but the bastardized version is also very effective. I've caught bonefish, redfish, and tripletail on this pattern so far. I've also seen this type of pattern showing up in numerous other spots, suggesting it is widely effective. This pattern is a variation of the famous Del Brown Merkin crab pattern. I use Puglisi fibers for the body instead of yarn. There is no hackle for claws, only marabou, and the numerous (6 legs for size 2, 5 for size 4) legs are tied in on the hook side of the shank to that they stand up from the fly rather than splay out. The fly does not have to be stripped, the legs and marabou provide plenty of action to a falling or resting fly.

The Simple Anchovy

Simple Flies: The first in a series on fly tying. Flies don't have to be complicated to catch fish. The Simple Flies approach uses just a few materials and a few steps to create easy to tie flies that catch fish.

Dawn Patrol

Fishing for tarpon at dawn can be a sensational experience. On the best mornings, the water is absolutely calm, not the faintest ripple. As darkness slowly softens into pre-dawn, the mangrove shoreline is suggested by the soft edges between the paling sky and darkly ranging trees, the silence is broken by the sound of a tarpon rolling. Sound is different when not accompanied by sight - more distinct, but no sense of distance, vague sense of direction. Slow light warms the water to gold tainted orange. And the tarpon awaken. And the day begins. This is where we join a recent dawn patrol.