Videos by Adam Mizrahi

The Troutmen at The Casselman

Here is the intro to an incredible journey back at the The Casselman.

Fly Fishing Conewago

Here is our final cut of our day at Conewago in PA. I have to say right off the bat that we broke off on a lot of huge fish this day and only landed maybe three including the one Luncker that Charles brought in. I didn't have much footage to close out this day but I added a few minutes onto the original to create this final cut. Enjoy!

Fly Fishing The Gunpowder

A truly amazing journey to the gunpowder. The Gunpowder River in MD may not hold the largest fish, but they are beautiful fish and picturesque locations. This has to be my favorite episode to date partially for the soundtrack and also all of the editing that went into this one. I hope you enjoy my films and continue to subscribe and tune in.

Fly Fishing Morgan Run with The Troutmen

Here is the final cut of the Morgan Run Episode. This episode will be broken into two parts since I prefer to keep each movie under 10 min. I can only hold your attention for so long. Besides it takes me hours and hours in the editing room to produce a few minutes of final work. So for the sake of my sanity I will break this into two parts. I adjusted the music on this final cut since earlier versions felt too slow. I love the "how you like me now" track. Tell me what you think, I love all the responses I've received so far it keeps me motivated to make more! Enjoy!

The Troutmen visit the Patuxent River in Maryland (Final Cut)

Here is the Final Cut with some adjustments and proper ending. This is the second episode in the Troutmen series that we are working hard to create. This is a magnificent piece of film I am in love with its movement. The soundtrack works perfectly with each moment and I love the final 2 minutes of quiet sounds on the river. This short movie captures so well the spirit of trout fishing, my new love of film, and nature's beauty. I shoot primarily with a Kodak ZI8 and secondary with a Flip Ultra HD. They both have been modified to allow adaptive lenses and that is the fish eye and wide angle look you are seeing in the film. I also used a lot of interesting video coloration effects which I think turned out beautifully. I look forward to shooting more episodes of The Troutmen series it is my only time that I can really devote myself to fully shooting, since I am a little more limited on time when I shoot The Construction Diaries. I also want to thank my two main stars of the film, Charles Scilipote and Steve Cleveland. Both of these guys are top notch anglers which form the backbone to The Troutmen Series. I really hope you all enjoy.

The Troutmen visit the Patuxent River in Maryland

This is an epic tale of three young men who head to the Patuxent River for some trout fishing this past Sunday. I have put a lot of work into the editing of this film so I hope you enjoy all of the beautiful footage, transitions, music, and more! This is truly a masterpiece.

The Troutmen

Very nice little video of some spring fishing in PA. Beautiful weather, scenery and fish.