Videos by Carl Pennington

Extended body parachute Callibaetis

Tying extended body parachute mayfly

Parachute Adams Variant

Tying a Parachute Adams Variant.

CP's DH Hopper Revised

CP's Revised DH Hopper. One thing I forgot to mention in the video is that I cut the foam body with a River Road Creation Hopper body Cutter. For the size 10 Hook I use the second to the smallest cutter.

Fat Albert

Tying the Fat Albert Dry Fly
Material list
Hook: MFC #7026 Size 8 2XL heavy
Thread: 6/0 Dark Brown
Over Body: 2mm Dark Brown Foam
Under Body: 2mm Tan Foam with .5mm orange foam glued to tan
Wing: MFC Widows Web white
Legs: MFC Speckled Sexi Floss Tan

Razor Foam Stimi

A twist on a classic pattern

RS-2 Variant

RS-2 Variant

Video tour of fly tying room

2012 Video Tour of fly tying room