Videos by DS flugfiske

Big trout spawning in small stream

Big trout from lake Vättern are spawning i a small river in Habo, Sweden.

Small stream danica fishing

It does not happen often, but sometimes it is all true at once - the hatching of danica with the right flies and you are at the right place at the right time. Although the trouts are not big we experienced a fantastic sightfishing for a few hours in our clubwater recently.

Mysterious hatch in Lapland

We dare say that we are among the only ones caught in the middle of a "Golden Arc"-hatch in the Swedish mountains EVER!
This hatch is hugely intensive and local. Few people have had the privilege to experience this hatch - we've actually never heard of it in Sweden before.
Luckily we had a camera with us and managed to record both the hatch and mentally demanding fishing.

Baetis subalpinus (Fjällåsländan)

Description of tying a Baetis subalpinus dry fly. A small mayfly hatching in the Scandinavian northern mountains.

Ephemera Danica/Vulgata nymph

How to tie a Ephemera Danica or Ephemera Vulgata nymph. Tied on a streamer hook in size # 8.

Ephemera Danica/Vulgata emerger

A very good fly to fish with. Is primarily a Danica imitation but also works in lakes when the Vulgata hatches.

Ephemera Danica/Vulgata dun

The Ephemera Danica/Vulgata tied with an extended body..

Eggfly (roe)

World's Easiest fly? Despite the simplicity the Eggfly is extremely effective for trout and rainbow trout during some periods of the year.

Rackelhane variant

Here we have a tying description of a Rackelhanen as I tie it. A very good pattern for brown trout.


Caddis-worm is one of our favorite flies to fish in fast flowing water. This is Daniel's variant for the 2012 flybox.
The dubbingmix used for this fly is described in detail in this video:

Spent spinner

How to tie a spent-spinner. A very good pattern for all sorts of "dead" mayflies. Fished in a slow flowing water.

Haspelmannen Official trailer (Horror version)

A trailer for an upcoming horror/comedy/fly fishing movie called "Haspelmannen".

Grayling fishing

This is part two in a serie where we light candles for different fish species. Be sure to enable subtitles if you don't speak swedish.