Videos by Dave Jensen

Sight Fishing Trout Rivers

DVD trailer: You've seen excellent videos and photos showing trout caught while fly fishing. There are very few videos that discuss how you can be successful, how sight fishing is done. In Sight Fishing Trout Rivers, we share exactly that - how your approach, casts, line control, positioning, etc are all imperative to success. The good news is that any fly fisher can do it well, and our Sight Fishing Trout Rivers dvd lays an excellent foundation for your success. No matter if you are sight fishing those huge, trophy trout of the gin clear waters of New Zealand or smaller trout from clear or stained waters elsewhere, this dvd is a must.

Fly Fish New Zealand

Fly fishing south island New Zealand. South Island New Zealand brown trout. This video goes a little against our norm of softer, gentler music and video, with a little edgier music to strike harder.