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Q&A - 06.06.15

Q&A with Eivind Berulfsen.

Fly tying and fishing.
Ask me anything regarding fly fishing, fly tying or if you have anything you want to say to me you just leave a comment below and I`ll answer it in my next q&a video.

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Hololoppa - old school

Step by step flytying with Fluefiskern Eivind Berulfsen.

Playlist step by step flytying:

Materials :

Hook : TMC 2457 size 6
Thread : Uni 6/0 white.
Mouth parts : Calf tail fibers.
Eyes : Uv shrimp eyes.
Trigger point : Seal fur fluo orange, Holodubb.
Boddy : Ice dubb holografic gold "old school".
Lead wire.

You can buy seal fur fluo orange (holodubb), ice dubb holografic gold "old school" here :

Lipstick Shrimp

Step by step flytying with Fluefiskern Eivind Berulfsen.

Hook : Owner Kappa size 6.
Thread: Uni 6/0 white.
Mouthpart: Underfur of natural polar bear.
Antennas: Natural polar bear.
Trigger point: STF dub - white transparent
A red permanent marker.
Eyes: Uv resin.
Body: Under fur of natural polar bear, mixed with a little ice dub uv pearl.

Gummi Tarzan

The fly called RUbber Tarzan - Gummi Tarzan. A small minnow - sand eel.. Step by Step Flytying with Eivind Berulfsen.