Videos by FishWithGLoomis

Mysterious Marble Trout of Slovenia

Slovenia is home to rare Marble Trout and "the usual suspects". Curiosity gets the best of Trapper Rudd as he heads to the Southern Alps in this European adventure.loo

New Zealand Big Trout Hunting

The remote rivers of the South Island of New Zealand throw down the gauntlet of challenge.

The Lost Bonefish Lagoons

The Lost Bonefish Lagoons of Costa de Cocos. The Mayan Riviera is home to lavish resorts and some of the finest flats fishing on the planet. Unexplored lagoons, saltwater crocodiles and ultra-skinny water cannot keep Trapper Rudd and Daniel Randall from deciphering the secrets of the Mayan lagoons and finding fish. The tropical resort of Costa de Cocos serves as base camp as these two go on a "fish fact-finding mission" in search of new water (and fish) by kayak.

Yucatan backcountry

Fabulous fishing for snook, tarpon and permit in hard-to-get-to places in the Yucatan backcountry. It might be a Loomis commercial, but it's worth watching.