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Virgin Waters

The WildFly crew set out to explore some new water in the KZN midlands, rumors of smallmouth and largemouth bass swimming with monster trout.

Delta Tigers

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Fly fishing for Tigerfish during the annual Barbel run in the Okavango Delta Botswana

Crocodile river trout

Crocodile River Trout
View the latest clip! The team are fishing for Trout in the Crocodile river with Mavungana Flyfishing.

Flats of Alphonse

The Wildfly Fishing Series Fishing Series and team set out to conquer the flats species of Alphonse Island Seychelles. Be sure to check this one out!

Orange River Gold - Fly Fishing For Yellowfish

The Orange river running through South Africa is home to some of the largest species of yellowfish in Africa and when you hook into one of these beasts on a fly rod they put up one hell of a fight.

Alphonse Seychelles - Fighting The Mighty Milkfish

Mark Yelland takes on the mighty milkfish along with a few other Seychelles species.

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Fly Fishing For The Ferocious African Tigerfish

The African Tigerfish is well known amongst Fly Fisherman around the world for its aggressiveness and its acrobatic display once hooked. The WildFly & team set out to conquer these beasts on the Barotse floodplains.

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The TOPS @ SPAR Kamberg Trout Festival

A short clip showcasing what fly fishing competitions in South Africa are all about. The TOPS @ SPAR Kamberg Trout Festival is the unofficial opening to the South African still water trout season. Anglers get to fish the amazing waters of the Kamberg where a few trophy sized Rainbows and Browns like to lurk.

Flying Tigers

Fly fishing for the mighty Tigerfish on the Zambezi River!

Raise Your Sword - sailfish on the fly

A Group of lucky anglers head out to the waters of Kenya to target the mighty Sailfish on a fly rod.<br /><br /> Visit for more