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Is the best $#!& always at 4:20? At 4:20 of this piece, you’ll see our version of the best $#!&.

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Paid in Full: BC steelheading adventure and "How To"
Nymphing Basics For Trophy Trout and Steelhead: "How To" nymphing video for trophy trout and steelhead rivers in general and for Cowichan river trophy brown trout, rainbow trout and steelhead specifically--includes river access points

Music Song 1: High by JPB

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Music Song 2: Drop You Like A Needle by Delax


Three Feet Just Shy & Risin'

Enticing three foot steelies to dry flies.

Music: "AUTUMN SUNSET" by Jason Shaw ("IceCold" by Jason Shaw (


Make a break for it--spring break, a break from the daily grind, or a video break before your fishing season opens.

"PIONEERS" by Jason Shaw (
The Temperature of the Air on the Bow of the Kaleetan by Chris Zabriskie (

The Deuce

A BC Steelheading Selfie. Will this be one of those special runs that'll kick out more than one steelhead?

Nymphing Basics For Trophy Trout and Steelhead

Trailer for an on demand video. Nymphing is without doubt the best fly fishing method to dupe both large fish and large numbers of fish. Roy Wheeldon of Fly Fishing Fantasies shares his nymphing expertise including how to nymph, best tackle choices, top big fish fly patterns, strategies, and more. Filmed on British Columbia’s premier trophy brown trout and steelhead river, The Cowichan.

Gregor Dixon: The Movie

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Check out the seven salt steelhead at 1:30 of this video!

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Zero Dark Steelie

Cutting your way in to a river with a machete under the cover of darkness usually leads you to undisturbed steelhead.

Music: "Guilty" by Jahzzar (


A steelhead's first run is often it's best.


Four buddies hike deep into the wilds of the world's greatest steelheading jurisdiction, British Columbia, to find the ultimate in steelheading action--steelhead taking skated dry flies.


Dry fly steelhead rises, screaming reels, and leaping steel