Videos by Fly Fishing in Salt Waters

Half and Half Fly

A mix of bulk and length make the Half and Half fly popular for fresh- and saltwater anglers.

Brad Lowman's Baitfish

Tie Brad Lowman's Baitfish Fly

Deep Silhouette

Tie the Deep Silhouette


Here's one bonefish fly that seems to work no matter where you fish.

Ballyhoo Bully

The Ballyhoo Bully fly gives you a fighting chance to hook up to offshore pelagics.

Sabalo Yucatan

Tie a super-simple fly that baby tarpon can't resist.

Borski Slider

A shrimpy-profile bonefish pattern yields results on a variety of other species as well.

Spam and Eggs Mantis Shrimp

Tie a buggy-profile mantis shrimp imitation to fool big bonefish.

Brush Back

How to tie the Brush Back baitfish imitation for saltwater

Welded Wide Body Hook Up Baitfish

Tying the Welded Wide Body Hook Up Baitfish Fly. When fishing oyster beds and eelgrass, many wide-body baitfish patterns that ride hook down will snag. Experiment with this baitfish imitation that swims hook point up.

The Otis

This fly is a new twist on two popular patterns

HPU Weedless

Tying the HPU Weedless

Fighting Crab

How to tie Editor John Frazier's Fighting Crab fly.