Videos by Fly Fishing with Smhaen


Intruder fly for steelhead

Muddler Minnow

Hook: Longshank size 6.
Thread: Natural or brown.
Tail: Mottled turkey. (Turkey tail)
Body: Flat gold tinsel.
Rib: Gold Oval Tinsel medium size.
Under-wing: Grey Squirrel.
Wing: Mottled turkey. (Turkey tail)
Collar: Deer hair.
Head: Deer hair.


Tube : Clear or White.
Thread : Red size 8/0
Body : Tinsel Silver.
First Hackle : Orange Marabou.
Second hackle : Red Marabou.
Flash : Mixed Flash.
Front Hackle : Purple Schlappen feather.

Egg Sucking Leech Black and Blue

Fly pattern for steelhead
Tube : Black.
Thread : Uni thread 8/0 black.
Body : Blue Unique fly hair.
Wing : First part, blue Unique fly hair. Second part, blue polar fox, mixed with blue crystal flash. Third part, black long polar fox.
Flash sides : Black Flashabou.
Hackle : Black Marabou.
Front Hackle : Blue Schlappen feather.
Head : Orange Cone


Slammer for steelhead
Tube : clear or white
Thread : Black size 8/0
Body : Purple dubbing
Rib : Holographic tinsel
Wing : Purple Rabbit strip
Flash : Purple Crystal Flash, Purple flashabou.
First Hackle : Purple Marabou
Front Hackle : Black Schlappen Feather
Flash : Holographic Tinsel