Videos by Fly Master

A Day On Tampa Bay With Headshot Charters

Fly fishing on Tampa Bay Florida with guide Greg Peterson of Headshot Charters. Although not all the fish were cooperative, Greg put us in front of a lot of fish. We had a great day.

Squirmy Wormy

A quick video showing how to tie the squirmy wormy. This is super easy to tie and catches any fish you get it in front of.
The squirmy wormy mimics aquatic worms. Every body of water has aquatic worms in them so every fish eats them.
I know purest may cringe when they see a worm pattern like this, let them. Fly fishing is about having fun and I promise you will have fun with this fly.

Good Tying,

Fish On,


Fly Fishing Irondequoit Bay

A short video fly fishing Irondequioit Bay near my house in Rochester NY.

Sight Fishing The Flats Of Cape Cod

Sight fishing on the flats of Cape Cod with Guide Jake Grzyb of Seafield Guide Service. Stripers, Blues, and even a few Porgy caught on the fly.