Videos by FlyMasters of Indianapolis

HPU Weedless Soft Hackle

FlyMasters of Indianapolis took advantage of the 2013 Boat, Sport & Travel show this past February to get some videos done of Derrick Filkins tying some of his HPU Weedless style flies.
This is a variation of the Gartside Soft Hackle streamer tied so that it is weedless. It is an exceptional fly for warmwater species and can be thrown virtually anywhere with no worries about it getting hung up.
Look for more videos coming soon on other Filkins HPU Weedless flies.

Rubber Spider

One of the most asked for videos by our customers. That is because it is one of the most fish catching flies in the Midwest. The lowly rubber spider has started more people on their fly fishing adventure and caught more fish than any other fly we know of. Simple to tie, even simpler to fish, this pattern is a must have for every fly box.
Whether you are fishing for trout, bluegill or bass the Rubber Spider is a fly you need to have.
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