Videos by Frank Pizon

Friends, somewhere on the river

A black and white story about salmon fishing in Norway.
A film by Frank Pizon
With Philippe Cury, Philippe Neury and Marc Sourdot

Salmon anglers in Norway

The story takes place in Norway on the river Suldal. Just like the salmon in the valley, Man can be part of an unending dialogue, amidst the light and the water, between the mountain and river spirits.

Salmon fishing in Norway

This story takes place in Norway on Suldal River. Men, like salmon, can see in this valley more than just water and light, as if the spirits of the mountains communicated with those of the river.

Victorious salmon

Underwater view of the last moments of catching a salmon on a fly after 45 minutes of fighting in the Suldal river in Norway!

A voice over the reeds (Part 1)

This French fishing video is not fly-fishing AND it's in French (w/English subtitles), but it is stunningly beautifully made, and absolutely worth a watch for any angler or nature lover.