Videos by Geir Sogn-Grundvåg

A perfect day for trout

After a very long walk, a windy day and a flooded day, the perfect day in the New Zealand backcountry emerged with some great scenery and Trout.


Here are some memorable hook-ups from a recent trip into the back country of New Zealand.

Hunting large browns in Lake O

A video from a great day at Lake Otamangakau in New Zealand´s North Island. A fantastic stillwater where rainbow trout dominate, but it is the large browns that mainly cruise the edges of the lake - in very shallow water. This particular day the three first broke off, but the fourth fish was a large brown in superb condition. One of my best ever:-)

Midge in the morning

A small little film from a gorgeous morning in New Zealand. Flat water, sunshine and hundreds of rainbows and browns feeding on a midge hatch for three hours. When we figured out how to catch them they queued up for our nets. Most fish were around the 1 kilo mark. Small fish for New Zealand, but they were all well-conditioned and strong fighters.

Brown trout in the jungle

This is a short film from a recent flyfishing trip into the deep rainforrest in Fiordland, New Zealand. A more appropriate title should perhaps have been Brown trout and sandflies, jugding from the comments I have got so far:-)

Small Stream Delights

Here is a short film from a nice little high country stream in New Zealand. This particular river runs in the Mackenzie area where Nor’wester gales make fly fishing impossible most days. The river had few and very spooky fish but they were all in the 2-3 kg bracket. We were very pleased to land one fish each and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings on a perfect day. Although the sun is very strong in New Zealand it is wise not to put on too much sun block. Otherwise you may look like a complete fool…