Videos by Ian Rutter

Fly Fishing the Blue Quill Hatch in the Great Smoky Mountains

Blue Quill mayflies are among the most plentiful yet least appreciated aquatic insects in the mountain trout streams of the Southeast. Ian & Charity Rutter discuss this important hatch in the Smoky Mountain region and the best way to fish it.

Fly Fishing for Lare Smoky Mountain Brown Trout in the Fall

Most wild trout in the Great Smoky Mountains are modestly sized. Large brown trout over 14" long are present but rarely caught. Ian & Charity Rutter of R&R Fly Fishing discuss the methods to hook these beautiful fish in the autumn when they are active.

Fly Fishing for Brook Trout

Fly Fishing for Brook Trout in the Great Smoky Mountains - Fly fishing guides Ian & Charity Rutter go high in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina to catch native brook trout.

Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass with Popping Bugs

Fly fishing with poppers for smallmouth bass can be fantastic in rivers and streams around the Smoky Mountain region of East Tennessee and Western North Carolina.