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We Fish The Gaula

Come to the Gaula, it´s a tough place to fish! People who appreciate that, they understand it, so you meet a lot of those likeminded people!

- Per Arneberg

And thats about right, then try filming Atlantic salmon fishing, but I think it was a succes, with this short piece on fishing the NFC beats of the Gaula.

Spoiled Gobi

AKA Forkælet Kutling. Video for a fly tying article in "Sportsfiskeren #6 2015", Denmark's No1 sports fishing magazine.


The Favorite fly #2 - Sandstorm. Second article and video in a series of four, for the Danish Sportsfishing Federation magazine, "Sportsfiskeren".

Interview with Peter A. Christensen

Talking to Peter about a life lived with fishing, filming and nature in focus.

Seatrout open with Rune Westphal

Coastal seatrout competition at Funen, Denmark. <br /><br /> Fishing in the mist for small seatrout.

Lapland in waders 2013

Atmosphere and fishing from Lapland, summer 2013.

Shrimp battle - Allan vs. Kern

Allan Overgaard and Kern Leo Lund tying at Kolding flyfishing fair. Both skilled flytyers, but when it comes to shrimp immitations Kern is just amazing.
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Going back

Nice stream fishing scenes - Danish speech, but not much

Spring comes

Many Danish anglers await the day that the ice brakes in the fjords of Sjaelland, if you are there when it happens you can run into some insanely good fishing. This day we didn't, only some of the ice was gone, and the fishing was only good, not crazy good!

Moen Invitational 2012

Nice video from Danish island Moen. Some spin fishing, but also lots of fly-fishing. In Danish with subtitles.
We started what is going to be an annual event, it is all about competing in a friendly manner and just enjoy the beautiful surroundings on the lovely Island of Møn. The competition includes much more than "just" catching the biggest fish. We tried to make many challenges that could be done while time was spent on the beach, taking a break from casting your fly in the water. example could be tying a fly on your leader blindfolded, pet a dog, find 3 eatable plants by the water, finding fossils and lots more.
We invited the creators and members of 2 different danish fishing blogs because we wanted it to be some super enthusiasts that are used to sharing their fishing adventures with the public.
I hope that others will enjoy watching it, because we certainly enjoyed doing the event, and i hope that it shows in the video.
We had some cool guests that came and had dinner with us and told fishing stories from møn and lots of other places
Maybe next year we will invite you and your friends so be ready!

Year 2011 in waders

This edit is a review of the year gone by. Some footage I have used before and most is just shots from the danish coast that i never got to use because we did not catch fish and some is from the summers greenland trip.
In the end of the video my friend Andreas catch a nice 3,6 kilo seatrout off the coast of Moen and most of the atmosphere shots is from that same island, i love that place, it is breathtaking.

Nice sea trout fishing

Spring fishing for Danish sea trout