Videos by Jeff Layton


Steelhead Fly Fishing Movie, 28 minutes long. Filmed in Washington and Oregon in the Pacific Northwest. Jeff Layton of is the main character but he has a couple of friends along for the journey. This movie is about swinging flies for Steelhead.

Reel Scream

Swinging flies with Spey rods for Steelhead. Filmed in the Pacific Northwest on the Cowlitz, Clackamas, Klickitat, South Umpqua, Washougal, and Wilson rivers.
This is the fourth film by Water Work Films and Jeff Layton. Film footage is a collection of shots filmed during the 2012 fishing season.

Most of the film is shot in "point of view" perspective, suggesting that the viewers perspective is the same as the protagonist's. Storyline of this film is about a patient/fly fishermen talking with a therapist about his addiction to fly fishing for Steelhead.
Film is formatted in HD 1080p 30 frames/second. 16:9 widescreen. Available in DVD, and Blue-ray DVD. 31 Minutes Long.

An Eye for Steelhead, Movie Trailer

A Fly Fisherman's Monologue. An “out of the box” personal, expressionistic exploration of Jeff Layton’s passion for Steelhead on a double handed Spey rod. Offering an unique perspective of what a fly fishing movie can visually present to its audience. This movie is interesting, funny, and like no other. Love it, or hate it, you will won’t forget it! Steelhead fly fishing scenes filmed in the Pacific North West. Filmed on the Cowlitz River, Deschutes River, Grande Ronde River, and North Umpqua River.

Journey Home

A Steelhead, double handed Spey rod, fly fishing movie. Filmed in the Pacific Northwest in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Rivers fished:
Campbell, Chetco, Clackamas, Cowlitz, Gold, Klickitat, Nimpkish, and Methow.

Journey of a Thousand Casts

A trailer for the Journey of a Thousand Casts Steelhead Movie.