Videos by Juan Ramirez

Shark's Caddis

As seen in the article. A little generous with the hare's ear, but you see the technique. Shark's Caddis Larva article.

Morrish's Iron Sally

Ken Morrish's awesome Iron Sally fly pattern. If you are looking for a great summertime pattern for both yellow sallys and goldenstones, here is one for you.

Mercury RS2

Another option of the RS2 family.

The Twisted Sister Midge

TheTwisted Sister is a simple little midge pattern. It's easy to tie and the color combinations are endless.

Mercury Baetis

The Mercury Baetis is a great option to have in your BWO box. It's easy to tie and it works.

Chocolate CDC RS2

If you only fish a gray RS2, you are missing out by not throwing a chocolate RS2. They are easy to tie and work great. Show them something different.

Barr Emerger

The Barr Emerger is a classic fly in Colorado. In this video, I use Flouro Fiber for the wing case and legs. Check it out.

Lil' Hollywood Hopper

A smaller hopper to match the actual sizes we see a lot here in Southern Colorado. It is tied on the new Umpqua C550BL hook which allows a wide gap on a short shank hook. Colors can be modified to match any hopper color you may need. Music is Truth by Alexander.

PMD Sparkle Dun

A PMD Sparkle Dun in size 20.

Midge Tubing Larva

Using Micro Tubing to create small midge larva, you can change colors by simply using a different tubing color.

BHFB Pheasant Tail

A version of the pheasant tail Nymph. By changing the colors of beads, and wire and fibers, you can create different variations of this all time favorite. Give it a try and see if the fish like it.

Hollywood Hopper

The Hollywood Hopper is a more realistic hopper pattern from my vise. It sits low and has a great hopper profile. It looks complicated, but once you figure out how to assemble it, it's an easy tie. These are also available through Montana Fly Company.

The PMD Ice Emerger

An emerger pattern

The Wonder Pupa

Tied during the "Tying the Caddis Lifecycle Class" on 04/06/12

The Shark Caddis

Tied during the "Tying the Caddis Lifecycle Class" on 04/06/12. See <a href="/patterns/sharks-caddis-larva/">the original article here on GFF</a>.

The Wonder Larva

Tied during the "Tying the Caddis Lifecycle Class" on 04/06/12.

The Butch Caddis

Tied during the "Tying the Caddis Lifecycle Class" on 04/06/12.

Furimsky's Fluttering Foam Caddis

A high floating caddis pattern designed by Ben Furimsky of Colorado. This is a favorite pattern of many in Colorado. By simply changing the foam colors, you can match your local hatch.

The Sparkle Braid Prince

This is a Prince variation that I have been fishing recently. While I love the original Prince, I also love to work with different materials and see if the work as good or better than the original. This pattern, so far, has worked just as well. Try them in red and chartreuse for an attractor and caddis color.

Carl's UV Chewee Scud

Carl Pennington, a Montana Fly Company Signature Fly Designer, ties up a cool scud pattern using olive UV Chewee scud material.Cast: Juan Ramirez