Videos by Kathryn Maroun

Flip-Flop-Fly in Brazil

Kathryn thinks outside the box to find a solution to her fishing fly shortage. Blonds do have more fun, even in Brazil!


The republic of Iceland, located in the mid-Atlantic ridge, is a photographers paradise. The long summer days casts interesting light over this volcanic island with its many waterfalls, sandfields, mountains and glaciers. Many big glacial rivers teaming with Atlantic salmon and sea trout carve their way through the valleys. Sheep and carousel coloured horses watch approvingly as Kathryn and her fishing buddy take time out from their fishing to photograph the first signs of spring.

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Kathryn is amazed to see how much her city friends have improved since taking a fly casting lesson. Kathryn promises them each a Flummy (a kind of bread made by hunters and trappers) if they catch the storied Atlantic Salmon.