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Fisherman Snow

Fisherman Snow, Patagonia Chile

Sight Fishing Patagonia

In the video a day of sight fishing on a very sunny day on the waters in Patagonia, Chile.

Yelcho in Patagonia, fly fishing and more.

Yelcho in Patagonia, fly fishing and more. Fly fishing Patagonia Chile.

Paloma River Lodge, Chile

Fly Fishing in Patagonia in southern Chile Wild

Aysen Fly Fishing

Aysen Fly Fishing (Patagonia - Chile)

Wild rivers in Patagonia - Chile

Fly fishing in wild rivers in Patagonia - Chile

Catch and Release trout in Patagonia

Video with several catches and release in Patagonia, Chile.

Fishing with gamarus in Patagonia - Rodeo Los Palos Lodge

This video takes us back to Patagonia, Chile with gamarus on Rodeo Los Palos Lodge.

The gold and steel trout in Patagonia

Fly Fishing in Cinco Ríos Lodge Patagonia, Chile.

The Chrome Trout

This is a video of fishing in the waters of Choshuenco in the Los Ríos in the south of Chile.
On site there is a variety of rivers and lakes where you can capture beautiful specimens of trout and salmon. In this video you can see a trout catching silver migration. -

Strike Indicator Experience

Fishing demonstration Strike Indicator. Patagonia in Chile.

Fly Fishing Trout Chiloé

Fly Fishing Trout Chiloé in Patagonia of Chile

La Magia de La Pesca en la Patagonia Chile

Fly Fishig Magic Patagonia in Chile

Magic Patagonia Chile

Fly fishing in Magic Patagonia Chile -

Magic Waters - Big Trout magic Patagonia

Big Trout magic Patagonia in Chile

Magic Waters - Fishing day on the plains of Patagonia

Magic Waters - Fishing day on the plains of Patagonia

Fall fishing in Patagonia

Fall fishing in Spring Creek Patagonia

Río Marrón - Las Farios de Chiloé

Fly fishing island Chiloé in Patagonia - Chile

Wild Trout Patagonia

Fly fishing Wild Trout Patagonia - Encantado Lodge Chile

Magic Waters Patagonia

Sight Fishing in Magic Waters Patagonia Chile.

Fly Terrestrial Patagonia

Fishing with imitations of terrestrial flies in the waters of Coyhaique in Patagonia, Chile. These images were taken with the operation "Fly Fishing Coyhaique Expedition" ( in his post "Rodeo Los Palos Lodge".