Videos by Luke Bannister

10ft 4wt

An early spring fly fishing trip to a Mid Wales tributary, using a 10ft 4wt carbon to fish spiders and soft hackles for wild brown trout.
The 10ft'er is an ideal spider and dry fly rod, there will be more videos of it in action as the season progresses.
If you have any questions about it please do ask.

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7ft 4wt Fiberglass

An early season fly fishing trip to a small stream in Wales to test out a new 7ft 4wt fiberglass fly rod.

A small stream of the Marches

A day fly fishing in the beautiful Welsh Marches.
The water was low and clear and the fish were spooky, but the 7ft 4wt cane rod was perfect for the task. Most of the day I fished with a small tungsten nymph, later I went over the a CDC & Elk.
The water that I fished is on the Wildstreams passport.
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A few days away.

A couple of days away fly fishing in the Welsh Hills

Mid May in Mid Wales

A few days fly fishing in Mid Wales.

8ft 5wt

A days fishing on a Mid Wales tributary using an 8ft 5wt cane rod.


As the season draws to a close I take a walk in to a remote lake in Mid-Wales.

A Small stream in low water

A late season trip to a small mountain stream in Wales.
Low clear water and a lack of flies meant it was a slow day.

A Day on Dartmoor

No epic hatches or huge fish.
Just a day on the river with a friend.
Which was a pretty good day

Before The Leaves

An early season fly fishing trip to a small tributary.

A Distant Lake

A late season fly fishing trip to a remote lake.
The long walk in meant there was only time for a few hours fly fishing.
But the wild brown trout were hungry and eager to rise, so it was a good out in the hills.
The rod used was a Superfast 8ft 5wt hollow built cane rod.
The most effective fly was a black Rackelhanen size 14
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Splitcane, Wind and Rain

A late season trip to Mid Wales.

Devon Interlude

A days fly fishing in Devon on the river Torridge.
This lovely stretch of water is available through The Westcountry Angling Passport scheme.

Oliver Kites writes a fascinating chapter called "Torridge Interlude" in his book Nymph Fishing in Practice.
This excellent book gives some very relevant information on nymph fishing and small stream river fishing.
Also many of the waters that he writes about are still day ticket waters that can be fished for sensible money.

The rod used was a 7ft 4wt Superfast cane rod:

With a 3ft Mono Furled leader:

Flies were a Tungsten Nymph and CDC & Elk both size 14

A Cane Rod on the Wye and Usk

A few days early season fly fishing on the Rivers Wye and Usk in Wales, fishing with an 8ft 5wt cane rod.
each day saw brief hatches of Large Dark Olives and March Browns.

Seasons End 2012

An end of Season trip to an upland river.
Despite worsening weather the fish were looking up and took dries all day.
Here's to next season, and lets hope we all fish as much as we plan to.

Christening a cane rod

One of the great things about making cane rods is getting to fish with the rods new owner.
When the new owner is a friend and a very good fisherman so much the better.

Randorshire Trout

Gin clear water, and wild brown trout made for a pleasant few hours
on a small stream in the Welsh Marches.

A Tributary of the Wye

A few hours small stream dry fly fishing on one of the many tributaries the Wye in Wales.

Upland Waters

A few days fly fishing on some remote small streams in Mid Wales. The weather slowly improved as did the fishing. For more information on fishing in mid Wales visit For information on hand planed hollow built split cane fishing rods please take a look at

A Wet Spring

Fly fishing a Westcountry river, casting to rising fish between the rain showers.

Cane Rod

A 6' 10" hollow built nodeless cane rod.
Lovely small stream rod with a quick traditional taper

A Tungsten Nymph

Not a pretty fly, but effective. This is a very good general purpose nymph, useful for getting deep on streams or rivers. The clipped body gives a nice profile without bulk, and the 3mm tungsten bead helps the thing to sink.


Tying a Rackelhanen


Last day of the trout season and everything looked good for a final evenings fly fishing.
A warm bright day with a gentle breeze, and as evening came on we started to see small Olives
and Sedges laying eggs, we just had to wait.