Videos by Mangled Fly Media

Mangled Fly Muskie Vacation

Erik Rambo, Kevin Feenstra and Jon Ray spend a day chasing Muskie on the fly. Spending a few days on a guides vacation searching for the elusive muskie. Flies did become Mangled in the jaws of these apex predators, with a couple different muskie deciding to play with the topwater fly. "Have a nice day" fly - a unique Feenstra invention.

Swinging with the Scott T3H

A commercial for Scott rods, but nicely filmed and a good little video.
The all new T3h two handed and switch rods by Scott Fly Rod Company were put to the test in upper and lower michigan. Brad Petzke, Kevin Feenstra, and Jon Ray all on the Scott Rod Pro Staff put these rods through the riggers of fall and winter steelhead fishing. They found out how easy it was to form tight flat loops and reach far off lies. Whether you like to skate or dredge there is a T3h optimized for your two handed fishing. They say they finally found a rod with a soul.
Music by Dan & The Wildfire - Mexico (Instrumental)

Winter tailwater fishing

Michigan Rivers like the Manistee River have a winter trout tailwater fishery that is under-utilized. Brown trout and rainbow trout feed heavily on midges, scuds, caddis, and baitfish. We enjoyed plenty of trout on a warm February day.