Videos by Marc Crapo

Montana Chub Hatch Beard Chronicles 2012

Montana Chub Hatch Beard Chronicles 2012 Sneak Peek! Collin and I have always dreamed of fishing the legendary Chub hatch of Montana. And this year we finally did it! Here's a sneak peek at an upcoming Beard Chronicles 2012 Episode. Special thanks to P.T.O. for the live recording of Wild Bill Jones!!! All about it <a href="">here</a>

Robert Comstock Fly Fishing

Robert Comstock is a fashion designer who obviously also fly fishes, and gets some nice fish here.

Fly of my dreams

Now, here's something different: A fly fishing music video! The band Gunnar and the Grizzly Boys performs the son "Fly of my dreams" by the water, fly fishing and everything!

NSA volume 2

This is a preview of the upcoming film No Sports Allowed vol. 2. Very nicely filmed and produced.