Videos by Masi Hast

Biot quills grey parachute mayfly #18

Hook: TMC 100 #18 debarbed
Tail: Hends microfibets
Body: Turkey biot quills grey
Wing: chartreuse polypropylene (you can use white or grey, I use chartreuse for high visibility in low light)
Hackle: light blue dun

Pink bug

Pink bug aka Pink Gammarus is very effective fly for grayling and trout.

Surffilauta (surfboard) tube fly

Surffilauta (surfboard) is imitating small damaged fish. Very effective fly for big brown trout when trout are feeding with small fish in rivers in Finland.

Jyhis chenille caddis pupae

hook: #14 Kamasan B160
body: olive or green ultrachenille, back coloured with olive kurecolor marker
thorax: hare's ear
antennaes: mallard, you can turn ends as legs
back: uv-glue or superglue

Nymph Skin caddis larvae / czech nymph

hook: #12 Kamasan b110
bead: 3.3mm tungsten gold
body: Nymph Skin transflucent, coloured to olive (you can use waterproof markers or dye it with dylon), black marker to back of thorax, use superglue to keep the markers better on
hot spot: UTC

White marabou muddler streamer

hook: Ken sawada LD2 #2
tying threads: valkoinen Benecchi ja Lagartun xx-strong 50D
tail: white calf tail
rib: silver
body: Whitlock's SLF, colour stonefly gills
throat: Whitlock's SLF, colour minnow gills
wing: grizzle cock, micro flashabou, white marabou, black marabou
head: deer hair

Zonker streamer

hook: #2 Ken Sawada Silver Fiesta (LD2)
ribs:gold medium lagartun and monofil 0.23mm
body: Whitlock's SLF, colour Minnow Belly
throat: Whitlock's SLF, colour Minnow Gills
wing and head: Black barred rabbit strips, colour Gold variant, couple of gold flashabou
eyes: Clear cure dumbbell eyes 5mm

Pheasant tail jig nymph

hook: #14 TMC 403BLJ
threads: brown benecchi 12/0 and UTC fl. orange
rib: UTC Ultra wire Copper small
tail and body: pheasant tail
hot spot: fl. orange rabbit dubbing
bead: 3mm faceted tungsten

Nyblom Caddis dry fly

hook: #14 TMC 100
body: deer hair, cutted slim
hackle: light dun parachute hackle
hackle post: white or fl.chartreuse polypropylene

Parachute Nelson Caddis

hook: #14 TMC 100BL
body: Dark olive Fly-rite extra fine body
wing: deer hair
hackle: whiting barred dark ginger
hackle post: fl.chartreuse polypropylene