Videos by Nick Seiler

Articulated Fly Tutorial - Rattles up!

This pattern is based off of Kelly Galloup's Tips-up with a few twists. The coolest innovation in this fly is the rattle in the tail. Here in the Wild Angling lab we wanted to get rattles in the fly without the huge bulk of tying it on the shank. So we came up with hiding it in the tail! Definitely gonna be adding more large rattles in other patterns with this style. Check out the video and let us know what you think!!

Material List:
Hooks- Tiemco 8089 #6 (Gama B10's in size #1 would work good)
Blood Quill Marabou- Pearl Gray
Flashabou- Silver
Wapsi Perfect Popper- #8
Schlappen- White
Estaz Chenille- Pearl
Rubber Legs- White
Mallard Flank Feather
Senyo's Laser Dub- White, Silver Minnow Belly
Hook Connection- Beadalon 19 strand 0.018" wire