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This is my version of the trout streamer "Gandalf". Beefed up, stronger materials,bigger hook makes this perfect for pike.As usual feel free to play with colours and to vary the size of the eyes.I like to fish mine with the plastic lightweight eyes and a full floating line to keep Gandalf just below the surface down to 3ft deep with a longer leader.
Have fun!

Midnight hogs

A week in the land of the midnight sun,on the Innoko chasing true monsters.Theses pikes are awesome,great fight,beautiful,and in great numbers.Day four was the highlight with 87 pikes landed and 22 over 40inch,best 49 and 48.
Biggest of the trip 50 inch.

Best of 2014

From my local loughs and rivers for perch,pike and trouts, to Cork, Galway, Donegal for pollocks and bass and to finish this epic year in Costa Rica....I think im on a good path...Just need to do the same next year!
I have met so many good and interesting people along the the same this year! Get out and about!
Music: Kid Karate/Louder .No rights owned.


I use these when the poppers aren't working, perfect when the pikes like to chase just bellow the surface.

Raccoon Bunny

A serious little fly, one of my all time favorite.If you like bunny flies you gonna love how the finn raccoon moves in water.
I had countless pikes on this pattern.Don't over load it , less is definitely more with finn raccoon or you will feel like casting a wet sock all day...But get the amount right for your rod size and you will see how effective it can be!

Intro: Ron & Walter Burgundy, music:Kid Karate, two times.
As usual no rights owned...

The Clunge Hunter

A simple, innocent guy...But he can find any girl in any pond...Or rivers...or lakes...Tied on an extra long shank Sakuma 430,2/0 but theses hooks are very strong and sharp.The long shank helps to get a better shape to the body and keeps it in proportion.

Simple baitfish

Simple baitfish...there is plenty of ways to tie a baitfish, but this is the one that i use all the time.<br /> It gives a good balance between mouvement and volume (presence in the water).<br /> Music:Orsten, fleur blanche. No rights owned.

The Chubby Chasers

A fly with lots of movement. You can articulate them by tying a 35mm shank for the head, and by using big 15mm eyes, making sure that you superglue them tight. This will flatten the front of the head giving a jerkbait / glidebait action, swimming from right to left. Double the bucktail for a slow sink action.
Music:Eddy Vedder / Masters of war, no rights owned.

Winter Bug

Big fly, big presence in the water, go on tie one for yourself!!!!

Flash tail whistlers

Flies With Attitude: I don't know why this fly wasn't my first it's the one fly that started catching regular big fish for me when i started fly fishing for pike.Not too hard to tie, and try chartreuse buck tail and a white turkey marabou collar for those saltwater biggies.(some clients have caught good GT's on them!)

Articulated Flashtail - Flies.With.Attitude

Flash tails always give me great results, added to this, more freedom of movement with an articulated head, and we have a fantastic streamer!!
As usual feel free to play with colours and the length of the Fish Skull shanks (they come in three sizes, the one used here is the medium one, 35mm).
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F.W.A's Simple Toad

A super simple fly that is so effective on any toothy predators, I use it here in Ireland for brown trout, perch and pike.

F.W.A's Chewbacca

Not a real surface rat, more of a drowning rodent pattern.
Strip and it will sink slowly,wait and it will come back to the surface,great movement from the back legs.
From the first outing Chewbacca has attracted a lot of attention from aggressive pikes.
Great fun to fish, can be stripped fast near the surface or just "sink and draw" style to imitate a distressed rodent.

Pollocks a gogo

An epic few days on Inis Oirr, Aran islands, ireland. Chasing pollocks on the fly this time, with a fantastic scenery and the fishing that matches it!
Averaging 25/30 pollocks a day with the best one at just 7lbs!

The Hamster

The Hamster is a fly with lots of presence in the water, can be tied with no eyes, fished with a sink tip or intermediate line to fish under the surface, or with a floating line fished popper style!