Videos by Pacific Extremes

Into The Cauldron

Vaughn Podmore, John Sherman, and Ken Hanley peg the meter on California Yellowtail.

Urban Salt

Saltwater fishing in urban environments in San Diego Bay


Big water. Thick trout. Great memories.

Snake Oil Hustle

Western bass bugging-n-sliding.

Checkers on The Wall

Just a little touch of calico magic. Keeping it close to home with miles upon miles of riprap and jetty habitat.


Challenges are often driven by the habitat that carp call home and their unique feeding signatures. Here's a window into one of those feeding displays.

Cheers, Ken

Flats Fire

Autumn trout on the flats.

Delta Equation 3

Carp and Smallies getting it done. California's Delta provides the opportunities.


Urban grind. Carp muscle. "Wildness" is a state of mind.
Cheers, Ken

The Delta Equation 2

This short video continues with the celebration of opportunities for exploring California's Delta with a flyrod. The journey's well worth the effort. Enjoy!

The Delta Equation

California's Delta has nearly 1000 miles of navigable water to explore. That's a lifetime of fly fishing adventure!

Small Water Matrix

Beautifully filmed small mountain water fishing

Yucatan's Tarpon Flats

We shot this down along the north and gulf coast shorelines of the Yucatan Peninsula. Expansive flats, crazy action, good friends -- all good stuff!