Videos by Ray Montoya

Holy Shit Roosterfish 2014

Spent five solo days walking East Cape beaches in southern Baja, Mexico. Late on day four this big mama appeared and ate a fly! It took 52 minutes to land and revive her. Check out the two other roosters with this fish when I finally get her close to the beach. Sorry, the mumbbling commentary is not safe for work!

Solo Weekend 27-2-2014

Back south this weekend. Conditions were excellent with clear water and light swell. Lots of bait fish on the flats, but few predators. Chased a few permit and bream. The permit were rude and every bream came unpinned at the very end which made for an easy release. Kilometers of beach, stars, stars, stars and the solitude made up for the lack of fish.

Arabian Perms

A montage of fly fishing for Arabian permit along the remote coast of Oman. Set to Little Ghetto Boy, from Dre’s classic 1992 album, The Chronic which featured the debut of a young unknown by the name of Snoop! Quit paying muthafuckers for perms!

Fly Fishing at Camel Rock with New Friends

Just some crazy bream action in Oman with Colorado anglers Mark and Naomi

Bonefishing in Yemen

For years I've been looking at the Island of Socotra off the coast of Yemen wondering about the possibility of bonefish. My mate Kamal and I traveled to Socotra in late March in search of this elusive flats-dwelling species. It took most of our ten days on the island to finally crack them, but we did it. The question remains, are we the first fishermen to catch bonefish on the fly in Yemen? I think so.

Salmon Fishing in Yemen

After days of trying to get these threadfin salmon to take a fly, my mate Kamal finally cracked them. We caught several salmon that morning along a beautiful stretch of beach on Socotra Island, Yemen.

Another Broken Fly Rod

Just got this CPX replaced last week - love lifetime warranties! Sight fishing bream on a new beach near Camel Flat. This one is definitely not a walk-in. Lots of really shady nap spots.

Kayak Fly Fishing for Black-tipped Trevs

Competing with the local boys for a big black-tipped Trev. What I lacked in speed, i more than made up for in stealth to put a few fish in the yak, including this bad boy which earned it's release.

Fly fishing for Omani Queenfish

Kayaking off the coast of south-central Oman when I encounter a bait pod being harassed by some queenfish. Managed to hook and release this one nice fish. The local fishermen were both astonished and perplexed, especially when I released the fish. They wanted to see both the fly and the photo.

Arabian Pompano

A solo kayak fishing trip to a remote stretch of coast in south-central Oman. Lots of baby camels, followed by a beautiful morning with fresh brewed coffee, a Garrison Keillor podcast, and gentle surf. After breakfast, I set off with kayak and an eight weight to troll small clouser patterns for pompano. It was a perfect weekend!

Fly Fishing for Arabian Permit Part 2, 2012

After last week's magnificent fish, I had to have more! This week I landed two in a single morning. Permit are a hell of a drug!

Bream on the flats

Permit aren't the only fish that cruise the flats in search of a crab snacks.