Videos by Richard Strolis

Bush Meat Streamer

Here is the video for the bush meat streamer, an entirely synthetic streamer that was recently detailed in Greg Senyo's new book, Fusion Tying. There a re a couple slight modifications in this video from the recipe that Greg published, but these modifications are done to show you that you can improvise the materials and placement of the dumbbell eyes to your liking. Enjoy this one, she's pretty easy and fishes well too.

Rats Nest

Don't get any simpler than this. Here is the quintessential guide fly; two materials and shes done. Don't let this guy fool you however, she is a great fish catcher and not only on the dead drift as an anchor either. Often, this fly will work wonders on the strip.

The Pike Dart

One of my go to pike patterns that consistently catches fish on a regular basis. The simplicity of the design is mainly because of the materials it incorporates. A simple change in material color can make for a pile of color options, typically the brighter the better. I prefer this fly over many others as it is extremely durable and not very time consuming to tie. It's a dart, cuz she darts on the strip and she always has a way of turning a few heads.

Acid Wash Olive

The follow up video to the PMD nymph using acetate floss for the body of the fly. Really simple nymph pattern, just how I like them. Enjoy.

Goat Rodeo Streamer

Here's the latest weighted streamer that I've been tinkering with for the last 18 or so months. I know a few of my friends have had the opportunity to fish this fly and see just well it works. So far she has several large browns to her name. This file is a little longer than most, but I figured why not give you all the particulars behind this fly, that's my style. Enjoy the video.

Mini Headbanger Sculpin

Here is the single hook version of the Headbanger Sculpin. This little guy can be fished in a bunch of different ways. It can be manipulated through the water column like any streamer, but also can be fished dead drift like a nymph. Experiment with colors, but be sure to have some of the earth tones in your selection.

Micro Pick Streamer

A quick single using some spare materials on your desk.

Jacked Up Hare's Ear

Here is a quick variation of the Hare's Ear Nymph that I like to fish. Tied on a Partridge Jig hook using a metallic red slotted tungsten bead, this pattern is an attractor pattern that has caught a lot of fish. Just a little different variation of a great pattern.


A much anticipated streamer from my repertoire. This is what I would deem the upper echelon in terms of size for trout. The pattern tied in the video comes in at 8 -9 inches in length. Top end for trout, but moderately sized for apex predators. This fly can be tied in a variety of colors, have fun with it. And throw this guy on an 8 weight and hang on.

Dead Drift Crayfish

By request, here is a very simple use for the Flymen Fishing Companies Craw Bodies. If you were looking for a rather quick semi-realistic crayfish pattern that can be used in a nymph fishing rig, here's your pattern. Good luck

Articulated Baitfish

The articulated version of my realistic baitfish. Pretty self explanatory. This one is tied in a shad or alewife color combo. Have fun with the color schemes and fish it hard

Masked Avenger

An upper sized trout streamer, middle of the road sized pike fly. This guy did some damage in 2013. The trick to this fly is how it demonstrates the correct way to affix the new fish masks to the flies you design them for. Colors and sizes are up to you, and this is tied in 3 or 2 sections. Enjoy

Groupie Sculpin

Here is the single hook version of the Headbanger Sculpin. This little guy can be fished in a bunch of different ways. It can be manipulated through the water column like any streamer, but also can be fished dead drift like a nymph. Experiment with colors, but be sure to have some of the earth tones in your selection.

Headcase Crayfish

Here is my latest articulated streamer that I concocted to represent an adult crayfish. The fly comes in at around 3-3-1/2 inches and is what I would call a moderately weighted pattern that can be fished in a multitude of ways and with a floating or sinking line. So far she has racked up several species including northern pike, brown and rainbow trout, small and large mouth bass and even striped bass in the salt. Seconds for a great juvenile lobster pattern. Currently I tie it in the crayfish orange, olive/blue and tan colors but feel free to experiment.Cast: Richard StrolisTags: crayfish patterns, crayfish fly, juvenile lobster fly, fly fishing, flytying, trout flies, bass flies, pike flies, streamers and articulated streamers

Dust Bunny Winter Stone

A very light CDC winged micro stonefly imitation designed to imitate the various micro stoneflies that hatch throughout the season, most notably in the winter months. Alter the sizes and colors of the body and wing and you can imitate any small stonefly adult. This video shows how to make a cdc wing using the MP magic tool

Realistic Baitfish

A semi-realistic bait fish streamer for any species. Colors and sizes can be altered to imitate any smaller bait fish in your area. This fly uses the new Clear Cure Eyes and Clear Cure Goo thin to make an epoxy like head. Fish this guy dead drift under an indicator, stripped aggressively on a sinking line or swung on a tight line.

Hydro Larva

A streamlined weighted caddis larva pattern utilizing Clear Cure Goo Hydro to make a virtually indestructible nymph pattern. Once the fly is hit with the "Goo", the colors really jump out and sparkle. Like most of the nymphs that I tie and fish, this one is super simple. Enjoy it, and be sure use the goo, it makes a difference. Alter your colors and you can cover all the bases for caddis larva.

Synthetic Quill Nymph

A very simple and effective micro nymph that utilizes a multi rib construction. This fly is very quick to tie and equally as durable. Just alter the color and sizes and you can cover the bases for most micro mayflies.

Headbanger Sculpin

My latest articulated streamer utilizing the sculpin helmet. This guy gets down and drums up nice fish. This fly is best fished with a stout leader on a floating line. Be sure to open up your casting stroke or else you will be seeing stars, hence the name. Well, it also kinda looks like the lead singer from an 80's rock band...

Quill Body Stonefly

The smaller stonefly that I like to fish for surface feeding trout when they are keyed in on smaller stones. You can pretty much imitate any of the smaller stones on your local waters by just altering the colors of the materials.

Ice Pick

The updated video to my ever popular Ice Pick Streamer. This is by far my go to baitfish imitation and has accounted for dozens of species of fish near and far.

CDC Loopwing Emerger

A time tested emerger style dry fly that is quick to tie, floats well and just plain catches fish. Alter the body colors and hook sizes to cover pretty much any small to medium mayfly you would encounter.


The tungsten weighted version of my DT micro nymph. In other words the Deep Darlon Terror nymph. Adjust the sizes and colors and you can imitate pretty much any micro mayfly nymph in any given stream. They are very easy and quick to tie and just plain catch fish. You lose a couple to the river you won't lose sleep over it. Feel free to experiment with color combinations, but I talk about those that work well from my experiences.

CCG Glass Sand Eel

Figured it would be fitting to kick off Memorial Day Weekend with a saltwater pattern. Here is a very simple representation of a sand eel for you Striper Fishermen out there. If you like the looks of the glass style sand eels that utilize epoxy, here is an updated version of the same using Clear Cure Goo instead of Epoxy. These are very quick ties and just plain catch fish.