Videos by Robert Gibbes

Mountain Dew Midge

Video directions for tying the "Mountain Dew Midge". I created this fly to be fished as an emerger or on a weighted nymph rig. This is one of my favorite all around Midge Attractor Patterns.

Hotel Carolina

Fly Fishing for Largemouth Bass using top water Flies.


Fly fishing for North Carolina high mountain Brook Trout using a Tenkara-like four foot piece of bamboo. Fish took the Caddis all day. The video also features the Brook Trout's main defense from predators by becoming completely still to try to blend in to their surroundings..

Square Salmon

Fly Fishing Large Trout in the SE United States

Spirit of the Fly

Jeff and Robert go trouting in Western North Carolina. Big Trout and Little Flies. Early March 2012. Temp: mid 40's. Patterns: Tiny Parachute BWO size 12-14. Even had some March Brown's and a few Winter Black Stones Popping off. Rivers: Avery Creek, The Lower Davidson, and Mills.

No Signs Here

Robert and Jeff go trouting for Brookies on one of the thousands of untouched, high mountain streams of Western North Carolina. The same caddis fly imitation (seen in the video) provided us with upwards of 30 beautiful brookies, and about twice as many misses. If you can stay out of the trees, an accurate cast will be rewarded.