Videos by Robert Sorvik


Just flytying, shitty quality.


Just a quick test of my new camcorder. Quick and fast just as the fly. Easy, but what a leech imitation. Perfect for stillwater fishing with sinking line. Easy with music, but annoying. Difficult choice to speak awkward English , but maybe next time we will try it out. This video was just to check out quality and possibilities.

Dragonfly Nymph

Killer dragonflynymph for stillwater fishing. I tie it in olive with brown stripes and dark brown.
Tmc 2499 sp bl size 10 is a good barbless choice.

Baby Tarpon

Baby tarpon clips from Mexico

The rise

Fly fishing with an imitation of a dry damsel in a small lake.


Teaser for a Norwegian pike fishing video with Roy & Robban.

Bonefish Mexico

Nice bonefish hookup and landing in very calm water


Asp II (aspius aspius). Float tubing angler catching an asp. Warning: sudden loud music!