Videos by Soeren Essebo (international spelling)

Shallow and calm waters

This is also a fishing diary illustration. One of my best, if I may say so. And who can stop me? The remarkable day of . A more suitible title might be "Fishing the Baltic Flats".

Me catching big pikes III

Third time I use that title on a video and three "big" pikes the same day. Fishing diary illustration:

Bonus material

Some leftovers. Me holding up some fivekilos pikes. Some old, some new. And some mysterious fish at the end. How could that happen?

Summer fishing

Yet another diary entry. 26th of July 2012. Hot and calm. But I caught pikes. One bit me, aouch!

Beyond the breakingpoint

Another entry in my fishing diary. This time I'm breaking my expensive rod. But I caught the pike anyway...

120707 Lost in the fog

Out in the fog on the Baltic. Fishing for pike in dead calm. Catching pikes in dead calm. Surprisingly enough in the middle of summer. But using the right fly makes the impossible possible.

Half gale

A half mad pike flyfisher out in a half gale in the middle of summer. Wading and casting, catching and releasing.

12-06-22 midsummer

Me again, out in my little boat and fishing for pike. Summer fishing at its best. Midsummer's day and all.

First boatfishing this year

Me launching my little boat in april and fishing in june. Bent rods galore!

Pikes in May

Just me, catching a couple of nice pikes. And letting them go again. Me a very nice person. Me likes fisssssh... Nice fisssh...

12-04-12 Seatrout

This is probably the best movie I ever done. I had two camera teams working so it has to be.
Or, at least two cameras.
But unfortunately I have to warn the younger viewers. This film contain some cruel, brutal and violent scenes , not everyone's cup of tea. And worst of all; animals used to make this video did come to harm. Serious harm! And you who cannot stand the sight of blood, don't watch this video!

Best of winterspring pikes

Fishing for, catching and releasing some pikes. Caught up in a hailstorm. Nothing special. In other words, as usual.

December pikes

Fly fishing for pike in december.

Out of focus

Me again, this time depicting the toils and troubles of the lone flyfisher / videomaker. Like when the tripod gave up and gave in. Hence the title out of focus. Also me holding up a few nice pikes.

It's only pike fly fishing but I like it

Me out again doing some blunders and bloopers handling pikes. But I like it.

The wet ending

me out fishing for pike and as usual making a fool of myself. Right in front of the camera... How embarrising... That scene comes at the end.

11-10-25 several pikes

Another set of pikes, gathered from different fishing occasions and days.


Obviously I'm running out of titles. And content, for that matter... Yes, more of the same. Me catching two pikes on my #5 rod and a zilverzara and releasing them again. But as long as nobody stops me, I will continue. Eh, both to fish, film and suggest videos here.

Everyday fishing

As the title says; everyday fishing. Pikefly fishing on the water and in the water.

Nice fishing

Just me again, having some nice, unspectacular fishing for pike.


Just me again, out catching a few not-so-big pikes ant putting them back in the water again.

More rainy days pikes

Me out wading and catching a few small pikes. In heavy rain.

Just one pike

Just me again, catching another pike.

A Nice Brace

Me catching two pikes on a rainy day.