Videos by Suplee Outdoor Films

Trout Safari 2012

Trout Safari 2012 ( 4 days, 3 rivers, 1500 miles). My brother Tim rolled into town from Breckenridge, so we grabbed the camping gear, some fly rods and a few cameras and set out on a four day fishing safari. We trailered the little RO Deville form one corner of the state to the other, as we were trying to duck a huge October cold front. Well as luck would have it, the front caught us on day three. It made for some really tough fishing on the the final day. So we didn't get a whole lot of footage from the MO. Four days, three rivers and 1500 miles. Any way I threw a quick edit together of the trip.

Montana Trout (2011 Remix)

Montana has some of the finest trout fishing to be found anywhere in the world. Along with some of the most spectacular scenery the planet has to offer. Montana is a trout anglers paradise. Inspired by the endless valleys and sprawling vistas of the Northern Rockies. Beginning in early February on the Missouri River and all the way through summer and the fabled salmon fly hatches of the Madison river, outside of Ennis MT. Join us as we take a look back at some memorable moments and catches from the 2011 Montana fishing season.