Videos by Travis Swartz

Hank Patterson Episode #7 - The Essential Gear

Another ultra informative episode of Hank Patterson's Reel Adventures! Learn everything you need to know about all the essential gear you'll need in order to get into the sport of fly fishing. Snap It! -Hank

Fly Fishing Filmmaking Tips

Another round of advice from the world's best fly-fishing guide, Hank Patterson who knows something about everything. Hank also notes:
You don't want to miss this year's Orvis Rendezvous in Missoula. More specifically, you don't want to miss Friday Night, April 19th 7pm! Put on your learnin' cap and head for Missoula. We'll see you there. Snap It! -Hank

Hank Patterson's Fly Tying 101

Prepare to unlearn everything you know about the art of tying flies. Hank Patterson takes his guiding skills to the vise in this episode of The Reel Adventures of Hank Patterson - Your Fly Fishing Guide. Enjoy. Snap It! -Hank

Hank Patterson's Official F3T Prelude

Somebody apparently has recently stated that the most exciting thing to happen in fly fishing in the past ten years or some such is the F3T Fly Fishing Film Tour...
Hank would say the best thing to happen to the F3T is the inclusion of a Hank Patterson episode. Please enjoy this prelude to what you will witness ONLY at the 2013 F3T... Get tickets here SNAP IT!

Hank Patterson's Holiday Extravaganza!

Gather the family & friends 'round ye old computer to enjoy what is certain to be a new holiday tradition for fly fishers... The Hank Patterson Holiday Extravaganza! In this, the 4th official episode, Fly Fishing Expert & Guide, Hank Patterson & client Crazy Reese are on the river singing songs, chuggin' PBR, swappin' Santa stories & fly fishing. Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas! Snap It!

Hank Patterson - Episode 3

Grab a pen, a back-up pen and a thick notebook of blank paper... Hank Patterson - Your Fly Fishing Guide, is back in action, enlightening & educating the masses and you will want to be prepared to take detailed notes. Snap It! Slap It! Skate It!

Hank Patterson - Episode 2

Hank is back with some sage advice on choosing the right fly and how to handle a charging bear.

Meet Hank Patterson! Your Fly Fishing Guide.

Trout Jousters Presents - The life and times of Hank Patterson, a self proclaimed Fly Fishing genius. His 2.5 years of experience and twenty seven viewings of A River Runs Through It on BluRay have given him little knowledge and great confidence. If you're looking for a fly fishing guide who will occupy your personal space and fill your head with misinformation, Hank Patterson is your man! Travis is the guy behind <a href="">A Reel Retreat</a>.

Fish On - An Update From Silver Creek

This is a collection of test images shot to prepare us for principle photography of our feature documentary Fish On - A Reel Retreat. For more info. please visit and support us on Kickstarter at or contact us at

Fish On - A Reel Retreat

A Reel Retreat Documentary. Thoughts on fly-fishing. Intro to a documentary about fly-fishing for the organization "Reel Recovery".